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The Cleansing Diet



First Day        -          Eat fruits all you want, such as watermelon, pears, apples, 

                                    no bananas, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Eat nothing 

                                    between meals.  Drink water only.  Drink water every half hour 

                                    hunger or gas.


Second Day    -           Drink herb teas such as mint, Fever grass, Alfalfa, Chamomile,

Cornsilk, etc.  If you have a specific illness or concern please advise     

your Counselor who will choose a specific herb.  Drink herb teas

every half hour all day.  Eat nothing.  Drink herb teas only.


Third Day       -          Eat all the vegetables you want-have them raw, steamed or both. 

                                    Use different kinds for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Eat nothing

                                    between vegetables, drink water only.


Fourth Day     -          Make a pan of vegetable broth using cauliflower, cabbage, onion,

                                   green pepper, parsley garlic or whatever you have on hand. 

                                   (Season with sea salt or herb seasoning.)  drink the rich broth only

all day.






         Med.    Onion

        Med.    Potato

2        Med.    Carrots

2          stalk     Celery

1        sprig     Parsley

2          cloves   Garlic


                        Peel vegetables, cut into quarters, and add to 1 quart water.  Let simmer for 45 minutes and then strain the solids from the broth and during all day.  Use the solids the following day in soup or blend the solids along with some liquid and drink at 4:00 p.m.


This diet is beneficial because the first day is the colon cleansed.


The second day you release toxins, salt and excessive calcium deposits in the muscle, tissue and organs.


The third say the digestive tract is supplied with healthful, mineral and rich bulk.


The fourth day the blood, lymph and organs are mineralized..


This cleansing diet is a must before a lifestyle change.



Please note that this diet does not take the place of your doctors advice or prescribed medication. Please notify your physician about changes you plan to make.

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